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Songs for the Soundtrack

Tell us the songs you associate with Columbus High and why they bring back memories for you. We'll select the songs that have the best stories (distinctive and detailed) for the CHS 69 Soundtrack and include the memories on our class Soundtrack page. You can see what we have in mind by visiting the CHS 69 Soundtrack page.

There are three boxes below. Complete as many as you'd like. In each answer box, tell us the name of the song, the artist, and what memory or story ties it to CHS for you. Has somebody already submitted a song that brings back a memory for you? Offer it anywhere. The song may be the same but the memory will be distinctly yours. (Note: We may edit stories for clarity or to fit space.)

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1)   Song title, artist, and associated memory:

2)   Song title, artist, and associated memory:

3)   Song title, artist, and associated memory: